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Press Release from Taiwan Trade Centre, KL


Taiwan Trade Center, Inc. Kuala Lumpur Representative Office was officially launched on September 1st, 2018 to provide Taiwan Medical Service Liaison Centers consultation services to those interested in receiving medical services in Taiwan.

臺灣健康產業除了擁有優質的專業醫療團隊及服務品質,同時具備與世界同步的高科技設備。2018年臺灣共有14家醫療機構獲得全球醫界公認可信度最高的美國JCI (Joint Commission International)認證,優質的技術加上「視病猶親」的照護服務,臺灣已漸成全球華人及外籍人士尋求健康照護的首選之一。去(2017)年有逾30萬5,000多名外籍人士到台灣接受醫療及醫美服務,而其中來自東南亞的民眾就佔了3分之1。

Taiwan’s healthcare industry is equipped with advanced technology, high quality medical services, and high-tech equipment that is in line with world standards. In 2018, 14 medical institutions are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is the medical evaluation with the highest credibility and is recognized by global medical professions. With a medical care service which treats patients as family, Taiwan has gradually become one of the top destinations for Chinese and expats worldwide. More than 305,000 foreign patients came to Taiwan to receive medical and aesthetic medicine services in 2017, with one-third of those coming from South East Asian countries.

美國國家地理頻道曾在2012年製作專輯,讚譽臺灣醫療技術排名世界第3、亞洲第1。2015年,加拿大 The Richest web 網站更將臺灣的醫療照護選為世界第一,領先日本、英國以及加拿大。臺灣健康產業擁有高品質、合理價格、高科技、感動服務、整體性服務、專業團隊」等「六大優勢」;以活體肝臟移植、顱顏重建手術、心血管治療、人工生殖技術、關節置換手術等「五大強項」為人稱道。

National Geographic Channel of America produced a featured documentary in 2012, praising Taiwan's medical technology, which ranked 3rd in the world and 1st in Asia. In 2015, Canada's The Richest website selected Taiwan's medical care as the world's number one, ahead of Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada. Taiwan's health industry has "Six Advantages," such as high quality, reasonable prices, high technology, patient-oriented services, holistic services, and professional teams. The "Five Major Strengths" are live liver transplantation, craniofacial reconstruction surgery, cardiovascular surgery, artificial reproductive medicine, and joint replacement, all of which are widely praised by people.


Taiwan Trade Center, Inc. Kuala Lumpur Representative Office was providing consultation and related services for people in Malaysia, who are interested in coming to Taiwan to receive medical services. It can also assist in recommending medical institutions in Taiwan to people in Malaysia, as the proposed places for receiving medical services. For those who would like to consult about Taiwan's international medical services, please contact the following Taiwan Medical Service Liaison Centers directly.

Jessica Kuek +60-3-2031-2388

Taiwan Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Ms. Jessica Kuek +60-3-2031-2388